Inhale Abundance, Exhale Bullshit

If You Are a Sassy, Brassy, and Sexy Woman at Heart...and You are Ready to Amplify Your Life by Igniting Your Inner Truth to Spark Excitement...

Then This Book Is for You!

Unleash HER

You've got the power. UNLEASH IT!

We are taking our stand. We are making our mark. We are leading the conversation. Join us and unleash your ultimate power.

Dream Big,

Do Bigger

The ultimate guide for those on a journey to making their dreams come true. It provides powerful strategies and tips, including conquering adversity, cultivating gratitude, building self-confidence, and so much more

Inhale Abundance, Exhale Bullshit - Companion Workbook

This workbook is designed for readers, to AMPLIFY your lives and CREATE EXCITEMENT by DISCOVERING your INNER TRUTHS.

Women Disruptors in Business

5 Stories of Women Who Have Changed the Norm in a Male Dominated World

Discover how to Set Your Life on Fire and Become the Powerful Woman You Know You Can Be Without Losing Sight of Who You Are Now, Even If You've Struggled to Make the Leap Before.

Girl, I got you, because I was YOU.

I wasn’t always confident. I’ve been through so much pain (we all have). I’ve failed and I’ve had others fail me. It’s HARD to get past our past, but I know something about you:

You are a sexy, sassy, and brassy woman with unlimited potential that’s destined for more. You just need that little extra boost to help you light that FIRE inside of you!

What if, instead of struggling and feeling that pain of not being the person you KNOW you can be, you had a guide to unleash your potential in five easy steps?

What if you had that little extra help you needed to lead you to the magnetic force of spirited energy that you are?

If you had that, then you would be on FIRE!

That’s what this book will do for you…and you have a chance to be one of the FIRST to get access to special incentives. But first…

THIS book will show YOU how to embrace your own self so you can light your FIRE and become the powerful woman you know in your heart you actually are.

When that happens, you become the magical vibration in charge of your destiny. NOTHING controls who you are or what you accomplish except YOU!

How do I know?

Because I’ve lived it. And I’ve struggled through pain, divorce, failures; you name it. Even though it didn’t come easy, I’ve also had success becoming the REAL me: the woman I love and can count on. The sassy, brassy, and SEXY gal that gets what she wants through a life full of excitement!

The best part is YOU can too. I’ve seen it so many times with the amazing women I coach.

You see, that’s EXACTLY why I wrote this book for YOU! So you can be true to yourself, discover your inner truths, and launch into your future with a fire no one can dismiss!

In this book you will learn:

  • My five-step SASSY framework will give you just what you need to change your MINDSET with yourself and build momentum for an exciting future

  • How to get through life's shittiest events (and I mean divorce, loss, failures, and busted relationships)

  • The most straightforward and easy approach imaginable to discovering your real inner truths so you can be successful in any situation

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Deep Dive into "Inhale Abundance, Exhale Bullshit"

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