Did you know that 97% of people don’t live out their full potential? Take action today because my commitment to you is within 6 months from now you will be living your best abundant and sexy life out loud.

Look, I stand behind my products and services but if you want to confidently and completely transform your business and life to shift into being the badass boss you know you are, then do what real leaders do and make a quick decision to take action now.

Become the confident woman you know you are.

That woman who deeply trusts herself to make the right decisions.



Find yourself asking why you’re not doing something bigger with your life?


Have you lost your spunk, spark, fire, drive, passion or energy to even try?


Do you know it’s possible but just can’t seem to figure out how to get there?

Ready to Play a Bigger Game?

You deserve to thrive! You’ll gain the clarity, confidence, and momentum to activate your financial abundance in all facets of your life!


I help women recognize their inner greatness, reclaim their power, control and freedom, so they can be who they know they are destined to be.

"I was in a dark place and you made such an impact in my life. Denise helped pick me up and told me I didn't always have to be strong, as long as I picked myself up and kept moving."

Kim K

Sassy. Full of Fire.

Expect Nothing Less.

For over 15 years, Denise has helped hundreds of clients realize their Inner truth (IT factor) and discover what they are destined to do.

Her message, teachings, experience, knowledge, and coaching have eliminated the safety-value approach to living and transformed into an inner candle flame that won’t flicker even when the worst situations befall you.

She is a catalyst for choice, commitment, and community. She is not about finding yourself, she is about creating yourself! Her inner mojo shifts your heart to look within and debunk limited beliefs.

Denise’s journey to excellence has been fuelled by an unrelenting passion for empowering people to empower others as a result of all the obstacles she has had to overcome to achieve SASSY SUCCESS.

An author, life coach, and successful realtor, Denise believes everyone has the potential to get their Swag On.

Will you be joining her?

I believe you have Inner Truths to ignite.

When you discover, affirm and live your inner truth people won’t be able to handle you even if you came with instructions. Instead of showing your hard work, I will push your ass to greatness by showing you your heart work. You will step fully into your independence and self sufficiency internal alignment.

Your transformation in heart work will move you to bigger ideas, moves and bigger outcomes in life. You’re no longer indebted to anyone except yourself. Choose to commit to yourself and fuel the fire within you. Your dream life you imagined is a mind shift and movement away. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started.

"Denise always makes me feel empowered, confident, and motivated to be the best version of myself! She reminds me to stay true to myself and speak up for what I want out of life."

Sarah Stothart

3 Tips to Go Bigger in Life and Business



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