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Are you ready to become the creator of


in your life, business or career?

Be Savage, Never Average Is A 6-Month Live Coaching Experience that helps You turn your brilliance into more fun, freedom and financial wealth. Get ready to GO ALL IN, BLOW shit up, and set your life’s light on fire!


Before you continue reading this page...

I wouldn't be a responsible peak performance coach

if I didn't first issue you this warning...

“You can’t live a positive life, with a negative mind.”

Be Savage, Never Average requires YOU to show up in a way that 90% of other programs don't. This is a live group coaching experience for a set period of time.

It's not a course.

It’s calling you out on your BULLSHIT!!!! It’s identifying the things you choose to believe that is not true.

Proceed with caution, as enrolling in Be Savage, Never Average...

will break the barriers, bullshit and beliefs you’ve been carrying around your entire life.



Your life is a HOT mess all the time (and you keep attracting it like flies on shit)


You feel like you have lost yourself like you have to be superwoman, and like you have to do it all alone.


You are so damn good at beating yourself up that you lost sight of who you are and need to be.

Fulfill your purpose and be the change you wish to see without sacrificing your personal fulfillment! Stop living like the little girl who can get in trouble and start living like a powerful AF woman.


With about 90% accuracy, I can easily spot why you are stuck.

DO I POSSESS SOME magical superpower?

Actually Yes. My superpower is the ability to see your own shit. I can see what you can’t see. I can identify your brilliance and help you turn it into financial wealth!

I have YEARS of experience as a Peak Performance Coach and can easily spot the most common patterns and Identify your energy leaks.

Here’s Why Most Women are Feeling Stuck:

  • "I am not enough".
  • You are not living up to your full potential and know you want more out of your life, business, relationships, and family.
  • You are in a funk and don't know why you are stuck and can't move forward. You are holding back because you are fear-driven, in a scarcity mindset, coming up with excuses, denial, blaming, judging, and not knowing your shit.
  • You secretly want what other successful women have. And can't figure out how they got it, and maybe even feel like you don't deserve it.
  • You don't know what you don't know.
  • Imposter Syndrome and fear are plaguing your thoughts, ideas, and dreams.
  • You can't see your own blind spots.
  • You don't feel worthy, good enough, accepted, or supported.

And of course, this doesn't even address the mindset issues around abundance...

I've learned that a majority of people think a new shiny strategy is going to save them.

This isn’t a business problem, this is a human problem!

It isn't until you tap into your own personal power that you will see...

ABOUT 90% OF IT was related to something you believed about yourself.


But Here’s The Good News...


If you're reading this right now and have thought...




I won't hold back any punches, or try to convince you to do something you're not ready to do or use any slimy tactics to trick you.

You hold the power.



This live group coaching experience will help you turn your brilliance into financial wealth.

This works whether:

  • You are working in a corporate position
  • You are an entrepreneur.
  • You are an investor.
  • You still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up.

Over the last few years, I’ve coached women in a variety of industries who have implemented my strategies, tools, and skillsets, and yielded profitable and measurable results.

I’ve tested and perfected this program to make sure that what you’re getting access to is in full alignment with your vision for your life or business.

PSA: The Be Savage Never Average program is NOT an online course.

This is a 6-month live, action-focused group program where you come in feeling insecure, uncertain, and stuck, and you’ll graduate feeling confident, powerful and free

by the end of 6 months!

7 Phases

These phases and skill sets are presented weekly with clear steps and action items that help propel you forward. There's a reason for each phase, and they are done in a particular order with a purpose. I know that support, clarity, and accountability are essential for any program’s success, and you’ll get plenty of it!

5 Sassy Skillsets

I've curated the information, the steps, and the weekly assignments to maximize your momentum. I've been through all of the bullshit so that I can help you learn how to strengthen your own confidence muscles so you can have lasting results, even when we are done working together.

Denise has curated a system, called the Sassy Success System, combined with her knowledge of being a peak performance coach... There's not a question she can't answer, you won't be left hanging.

I’ve wrapped it all up in a supportive and accountable environment for 6 months.

By the end, you'll have a new Sassy Success mindset, that will catapult you to being an unstoppable force of nature.

That's right. I'll take you from Average to Savage.


Here’s what Kallie had to say:

"Denise is an amazing coach and mentor. She has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable and freely address openly your concerns, ideas and areas you want to improve both professionally and personally. She is also innately intuitive and can pull out hidden areas that need addressing but have been pressed down through fear and unresolved issues. She sees your blind spots and will address on-the-spot, never missing a “coaching moment”. And she will take you deep. Her approach to coaching is different than most. She doesn’t hit hard and assign overwhelming tasks like many coaches do, she starts with the heart work and gently leads you to the hard work. She teaches about boundaries and guides you to unpack the issues that keep you from moving forward and performing at your peak. She helps build confidence for success in life and in business. Denise has helped me break through the things I unknowingly let hold me back, understand better my approach to business (and life) through boundaries, behavior, habits and consistency. Not only that, but she really is also fun, sassy and such a pleasure to talk to. I always look forward to our sessions." - Kallie Haines (Riverbend Home Buyers) - Mora, MN

Here's how we'll get you SAVAGE.

During each 2-week phase of our system, you’ll get an all-meat, no-fluff training, and homework assignments that ensure you are READY to accomplish all of your goals. This program is structured to give you weekly support so that you're not just learning but taking action!

Each 2-Week Phase is broken down into CONCEPT + THEORY and then the following week, we work on IMPLEMENTATION.



Concept + Theory + Implementation

I’m going to begin LIVE on June 1st, which means if you had plans to make significant changes to your life in 2022... this is YOUR MOMENT.

Phase 1: M&M's

Phase 1: Melting Away at the Candy Coated Shell

What’s really going on inside? How Vulnerability, Fear, and Insecurity can help us figure out the game of life.

Kick it off with confidence when you do one of two things in this phase:

Letting go of what others think about you and living your true authentic self

Using self-awareness to recognize your calling in life


You'll have begun to change your stinking thinking.

Phase 2: Lego my Ego

In Phase 2 we'll discover the emotional hijacking that lives in the ego brain.

Come away with:

Disconnecting from the “Shoulds” in your life

Taking back your power by stopping all the bullshit that’s entering your thought process


You'll have found your inner truth and mastered how to trust and love yourself first

Phase 3: Top Brand Fertilizer

The Best way to Grow

During Phase 3, we will be taking inventory of our own lives, our bullshit, our beliefs, our barriers. I’ll teach you how to use it as fertilizer to grow from within.

Come away with:

How to reveal your true character, instead of trying to change it

How to own your shit


Your world will start changing, as you decide who is and is not in alignment with your values and goals

Phase 4: Junk in your Trunk

Dealing with our crap

By this point you'll be in such flow + momentum from all of the work we have done so far, you will start feeling like a rock star. But don’t get too comfortable yet!

Come away with:

How to take inventory of your crap and what to do with it

Releasing your shit


You will have a huge sense of relief as you release the baggage you’ve been carrying with you.

Phase 5: Sanity Matters

There’s none so rare that can compare

Baked into our program is a ton of self-care… body, mind and soul.

Come away with:

A clear plan for self-care

New habits that will keep you accountable in your daily life


You will feel like you have a clear path to move forward

Phase 6: Cake Boss

Abundance Mentality

With your mindset getting on track, it’s time to practice abundance mentality.

Come away with:

How to cultivate your own self confidence

Insane amounts of courage


You'll be empowering yourself to tackle problems and follow your dreams

Phase 7: Boisterous and Boujee

Amplify your Life

It’s time to embrace your SEXY… knowing who you are, what you’ve got, and then not be afraid to flaunt it.

Come away with:

Wake Up, Kick-Ass, Repeat playlist

Owning your worth, so you can stop giving people discounts


You'll be feeling good in your own skin!

5 Sassy Skillsets

Then, over the next 10 weeks, we will embark upon embracing 5 new SASSY Skillsets! Learn each concept, take action, and implement it into your life!

S – Self Talk

A – Author

S - Savage

S - Swag

Y - You

For each live training


  • Concept, Theory, and Implementation for each phase.
  • Support, encouragement, and accountability
  • A safe space to share amongst women who feel stuck like you do
  • ​An honest, no bullshit approach

I intentionally give 2 weeks for each phase, so you have time to learn it, but time to process and implement what you have learned. New habits take time to master.

I know this works because I’ve done it over and over—with repeatable success for my clients.

*Don’t worry! Everything is recorded and is YOURS, so even if you miss a session or get behind, you'll have access to the material!

You're Now Entering a


  • But… I should be able to do this on my own.
  • But… I'm not sure where my blocks are
  • But… I’m scared to be called out
  • But I can’t have what everyone else has because….
  • I'm doomed to stay stuck because I have bought programs and courses before…
  • But I'm Not Sure what my unique talents are yet…
  • But I'm not sure how to ask for a raise at work…
  • I can’t do that because I am not smart enough, I don’t know how
  • I’ve had a coach before, and I didn’t get results
  • I don’t trust myself to make good decisions
  • I’m too introverted
  • I don’t have the skills needed to advance in my career
  • I don’t know how to run a business
  • I don’t have enough experience or knowledge to charge my worth


Be Savage, Never Average Group Program



6 monthly payments

  • Access to Weekly Group


  • Weekly Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching
  • Weekly Accountability
  • E-Book "Inhale Abundance, Exhale Bullshit"



1 payment

  • Access to Weekly Group Sessions
  • Weekly Q&A and Hot Seat Coaching
  • Weekly Accountability
  • E-Book "Inhale Abundance, Exhale Bullshit"
  • BONUS: Deep Dive into Inhale Abundance Exhale Bullshit Mini Course
  • 1:1 Calls with Denise


  • BONUS 1: Deep Dive into Inhale Abundance, Exhale Bullshit Mini-Course
  • BONUS 2: Sassy Success Starter Kit
  • BONUS 3: Confidence to Cash
  • BONUS 4: 95 ways to freedom and happiness

The Foundation of any Success must start with


It’s sitting with the uncomfortable that we can feel the most stuck, but it’s actually where the most growth and expansion happens within us. It’s where we can uncover our true authentic self.

The more vulnerable you are, the more uncomfortable you become


Growth and expansion you have to reach unlimited success

"I was in a dark place and you made such an impact in my life. Denise helped pick me up and told me I didn't always have to be strong, as long as I picked myself up and kept moving." - Kim K

"Denise always makes me feel empowered, confident, and motivated to be the best version of myself! She reminds me to stay true to myself and speak up for what I want out of life." - Sarah S

“Only when you change what you do, can you change your results."

I believe there’s nothing more sexier than a woman who takes decisive action.

A woman who loves herself is owning her power.

You can have whatever you want. You can conquer anything. Get anything you want. Be anything you want.

  • Want to look in the mirror and love who you see? You are looking at her.
  • Want that raise? You got it.
  • Want a better sex life? Deal.
  • Want a promotion? Done.
  • Want to grow your business? Already happened.
  • Want to increase your income? Ching. Ching. Deposit made.

This means, that the only person stopping you from owning your power… is YOU.

Are you going to deny that little girl inside of you the opportunity to be whatever she wants to be when she grows up?

Of course not. She deserves to feel safe, protected, and loved. She deserves to feel important. She deserves to feel financially secure. She deserves to feel worthy. She deserves to feel like she is enough. She deserves to feel like a powerful woman.

If I could help you turn your brilliance into financial wealth...

Would you take that offer?

Growth Mindset

You are open to possibilities. You are willing to show up and do the heart work.

This will be a great program for you.

Scarcity Mindset

You are focused on the cost, the time, and the commitment. This program will not work for you.

What if Kallie had given up when things got difficult?

  • Are you Coachable? Willing to dig deep, show up and do the work?
  • Are you open to feeling, recognizing, and acknowledging where things have kept you stuck?
  • Are you open to thinking outside the box?
  • Are you willing to get uncomfortable and leave your comfort zone?
  • Are you willing to be vulnerable?
  • Willing to own your shit?
  • Willing to put aside defense, excuses, blaming?
  • Willing to identify triggers?
  • Are you willing to understand and apply information to their life?
  • Willing to implement and Integrate the tools and techniques into your life? Even when things get tough?
  • Are you open to feeling through emotion?
  • Open to Surrender?
  • Willing to let go of resistance?

Are you willing to take the action today, or do you want to continue doing it all on your own?

Kallie and hundreds of others like her know the value of investing in themselves to reach their highest potential.


If you are willing to take the risk to go all in on yourself...

If you are willing to get real to heal…

And you're willing to reach unlimited success by getting vulnerable

Then the BEST program to set yourself up for success IS...

Be Savage, Never Average.

  • If you can’t make quick decisions.

  • If you don’t want to be real with yourself.

  • If your comfort zone is quite comfortable and you aren’t willing to leave it.

  • If you enjoy living limited.


It’s time you stop waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and light that bitch yourself.

Be Savage, Never Average.


Side effects of this program may include feeling like you are riding an emotional roller coaster, with lots of twists, turns, and upside downs. You might even pee your pants from laughing at your old self and the old beliefs that kept you living ridiculously limited


Be Savage, Never Average Group Program

6 month program

  • Live Coaching Experience
  • Includes Concepts, Theories, and Implementation
  • Q&A Calls and Hot Seats
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Accountability
  • BONUS 1: Deep Dive into Inhale Abundance, Exhale Bullshit Mini Course
  • BONUS 2: Sassy Success Starter Kit
  • BONUS 3: Confidence to Cash
  • BONUS 4: 95 ways to freedom and happiness
  • EARLY BIRD! $2778 savings For First 15 Students who enroll
  • PLUS: Get a 1:1 Coaching Call with Denise

Burning Qs Women Have Asked Before Working With Me

What do I need to have prepared beforehand?

This is not for the weak-hearted. You must be willing to show up to do the hard work, not the hard work.

What if I don’t have a business? Will this program help me?

Yes. It will help you light your life on fire in every element of your life. A woman who loves herself for the first time ever. Confident. Reassured.

How much help am I going to REALLY get?

Here are 4 ways that you’ll get ALL the help you need:

#1: Weekly group support

#2: Our Private Facebook Group

#3: 6 months of Live Sessions

#4: 6 months of Live Q&A and Hot Seats Sessions

What if I can’t make the live training sessions?

All sessions will be recorded and YOURS for lifetime access, so even if you miss a session or get behind, you'll always have access to the material!

Do you have income guarantees?

No. And in fact, if you're asking this question, it's probably not a good fit. The truth of the matter is the majority of people don't take decisive action. They quit when it gets hard. They spend money on shiny objects, new strategies and tactics. They have grossly mismanaged expectations. They are looking for a way to make money fast because they are in debt and struggling to pay the bills.

The only guarantee I make is that I will give you 100% of my energy and skills to leverage in the growth of your potential. I will give you the tried-and-true principles that work. I will help you take action, so you don't fall back into old pattern behaviors.

Some people will see this opportunity and take it right away, knowing that whenever you do the heart work, it's helpful to have support at your side.

How is Be Savage, Never Average different from other programs?

I don’t make it about your business/job/career. I make it about YOU. So that YOU can build your business or career based on who YOU are.

Take the step today

and you'll be looking back 6 months from now thinking...


Now, you have to make a choice. And if this is not speaking to you by now, then maybe this is not for you. How much longer are you willing to put yourself on hold?

My final question to you is…

© 2022 Denise Oster